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April 15, 2021

73rd birthday

of the State of Israel

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Yom Haatzmaout, "Independence Day", is the Independence Day of the State of Israel whose speech was delivered in 1948 in Tel Aviv by David Ben Gurion ...

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This 73rd anniversary of the State of Israel

is also celebrated in WIZO day care centers ...

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April 14, 2021, the eve of the celebration of the Independence of the State of Israel,
Yom HaZikaron pays homage to the soldiers who died for the homeland,

and the WIZO mourns its children ...

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The World Zionist Organization and the Department of Families and Remembrance of the Israeli Defense Ministry have teamed up to commemorate fallen soldiers.

The philosophy and will of the State of Israel is to commemorate and cherish the brave men and women of Israel's wars and battles, while preserving their memory and passing it on to future generations.
The video linked to follows a moving Yom Hazikaron ceremony that can be shared online.

Beyond the official ceremony, songs performed by military bands of the Israeli army (IDF) you can discover moving testimonies of soldiers.

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