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Today WIZO Switzerland supports or fully finances, some for years, 18 day-care centers throughout the country, two schools or villages for young people and a youth club.

Two schools or villages for young people, Nahalat Yehouda & Gan Vanof

The same goal: to enable the student who walks through their door to realize their individual potential and to express their personality as a member of Israeli society

and society at large.

Nachlat Yehuda agricultural school and youth village, in Rishon-le-Zion.

Founded almost 100 years ago, Nachlat Yehuda started out as an agricultural farm and training farm for young adults. Today, nearly a century later, the Youth Village serves as a safety net for thousands of young Israelis, native and immigrant, studying in an environment that meets specific educational needs.

Nachlat Yehuda yesterday ... and today ...

Gan Vanof , WIZO veterinary school, in Petakh Tikva.

Gan Vanof's veterinary program is unique. It trains, in cooperation with the Hebrew University, students of veterinary medicine and leads to a license in veterinary nursing, at the same time as to obtaining a secondary school diploma.

This video was produced by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The youth club, Ma'alot / Tarshiha music center.

Almost 21 years ago now, the Ma'alot Tarshiha Youth and Music Club was established under the sponsorship of WIZO Switzerland. Since then, WIZO has made an unwavering contribution to the education and musical training of young Jewish and Arab musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering them through scholarships the possibility of developing their talent together.

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