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Passover 2021

“Help children in distress in a WIZO day care center “

March 2021

COVID has been raging around the world for more than a year.

The State of Israel has not been spared, even if for several days the country seems, still fragile, to return to normal.

WIZO nurseries have also suffered from this situation. Many have closed.

19 of them, however, located from north to south of the country, in particularly disadvantaged neighborhoods, have kept their doors open, to continue to welcome and take care of 1,300 children from dysfunctional families ; because for the families concerned, the pandemic has only accentuated the problems and conflicts: most parents are unemployed, live in excessively difficult conditions and need assistance from social services.

B ecause children supported therein suffer from serious behavioral and emotional disorders, each nursery has only 4 classes. It is in this context that 6 days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm, WIZO takes the place of parents who have serious difficulties in ensuring the well-being and education of the little ones.

The childminders present are trained to provide everyone with the care they need, and to report any deficiencies detected as soon as necessary. The family, immediately informed, is referred to a specialist.

The days are punctuated by the taking of meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper. In addition, most children are already showered when the parents who come to pick them up have dinner with them on site.

All the activities carried out during the day are intended to sharpen their curiosity and develop their cognitive and motor skills: manual work, introduction to music, dance, puppet theater, etc.

There is even a library corner in each establishment, where children can borrow a book every week. As for the play areas, they are very well equipped, as the outdoor activities calm children and encourage interaction with their peers .

On the follow-up side, a psychologist and a social worker work individually with each child. Treatments range from pet therapy, art therapy, yoga and an educational garden, not to mention a special program designed to develop their ability to overcome trauma.

Finally, the nursery organizes activities - didactic games, world music, cooking and baking lessons - which bring together children and their parents ...

On the eve of Passover, helping WIZO take care of children in distress

you will give to Sigal, Moshe, Yair and Deborah

every chance of success!

TODA RABA and Khag Pessah Sameakh!

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